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Sandra's Ancestors

James A. Garland and Martha Edith Lineback

Alonzo Edgar Lineback and Dora May Sickels

William Henry Sickels and Martha Ellen Hicks Dial

Thomas F. Sickels and Eliza Ann Mansfield

Benjamin F. Sickles and Hannah Brown

Thomas Sickles and Mary Fridley

William Wallace Tillar and Flora Rush

John Richard Clark and Sallie Breithaupt Morgan

Stephen C. Clark and Mary Valentine

C. C. Tillar and Emma Butterworth

Keith's Ancestors

Gordon Tipton and Sallie Rawlins

Reuben Tipton and Betsey West

Millard Tipton and Lucy Brinegar

Daniel B. Rawlins and Sallie Dunaway

Jacob Brinegar and Elizabeth Hughes

Daniel B. Rawlins and Rebecca Jane Shepherd

Andrew J. Neal and Martha Abney

Samuel Neal & Betsy Shepherd

William Hardin Brinegar and Mary Fletcher

Andrew Wesley Dobbs and Lizzie Hill

James Chesley Dobbs and Samantha Hester E. Hunter

2002: Sandra S. Tipton